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At Invicta Group services we take your system maintenance very seriously and put the utmost importance on keeping your heating and gas fire clean and healthy. Please see below for the services we offer and recommendations we make.



At Invicta Group Services we recognise the importance of keeping up to date with your servicing of ANY Gas appliance on an annual basis. This is for the longevity of your system but more importantly your safety. We also recognise that many people misunderstand what a service entails when done properly. See Invicta Group Services Ltd checklist to see what it entails.

Why is Servicing so important?


Firstly and most importantly an unsafe appliance is a danger to you and your families health. By having your appliance serviced by an approved and qualified technician you can feel comfortable and safe in your home.

Secondly it protects your wallet. It’s proven that a well maintained appliance can expect a longer life meaning it won’t need changing so quickly. On heating systems see filters and System water checks to see how to really look after your system. If an appliance is clean and works well then less parts are required and in turn this protects you and your family from unwanted costly bills. It also maintains efficiencies and especially in the age of digital metering you can make sure your fuel costs don’t sky rocket!

Thirdly it protects the environment. Gas is a clean burning fuel however when an appliance can’t burn correctly more CO2 is formed and eventual Carbon Monoxide. By keeping your appliance in tip top shape with the help of Invicta Group Services we can all do our bit towards not increasing our carbon footprint without changing how we live our lives.

Does my Gas Fire need servicing I hardly use it?!


Unfortunately ALL gas appliances need servicing. Especially Gas fires. Quite often a gas fire is an open vent appliance. These along with flueless appliances need servicing far more regularly anyway due to the way they function. An open flued appliance takes air from the room it is in which also allows the burnt air a pathway back in IF it is not serviced and checked that the appliance and the flue are functioning correctly.

Certain manufacturers mandate that to keep up guarantees the appliance must be serviced annually plus have an oxypilot change. Gas safe also suggest that this part should be changed annually. Even if not used Gas injectors can get blocked with dust and a fire will always look better once serviced.

With Invicta Group Services we have expertise on hand for maintaining your Gas fire and you can see our cost saving package that we have put together by clicking here.

When should I service my appliance?


In the perfect world appliances would be serviced from March through to August having a health check after the toils of winter and prior to the age old household argument of when the appropriate time is for the heating to be allowed to operate. This also avoids the rush during the cold winter months. However most servicing takes place in the colder months when the appliance  is required and thought of the most. In truth there is no perfect time but as long as you do any time is the right time.

IGS Servicing checklist.


20 point Gas Boiler safety and servicing

Before the tools come out.

  • Protect area where working.
  • Visual check on flue note any defects.
  • Visual check on electrical isolation
  • Turn on Boiler, fire before removing casing. 
  • Remove appliance casing.
  • Checkout gas burner clean if necessary
  • Visual appliance electrical test.
  • Confirm Gas pressure and note
  • Sealed systems check water pressure.
  • Checkout pump, Valves and cylinder.
  • Clean out filter advise on corrosion within.
  • Note analyser flue readings.
  • Check out heating controls.
  • Check safety measures
  • Check condensate for blockage and clean where necessary
  • Return case
  • Check boiler works
  • Complete paperwork and sign off.



Gas Fire Service

We can service your Gas Fire for a very reasonable fee.  

Boiler Service

We service all major makes and models of Gas Boilers including Worcester Bosch,  Vallaint and Alpha.

Multi-Fuel Fire Service

This includes two visits per year one at the beginning of the heating season and a further visit at the end of the season to ensure your fire remains clean and burning correctly.


All Servicing Includes…


We give a full inspection of the product and can advise on any recommendations to keep your fire / boiler running smoothly.


We service the boilers and fires to manufacturer’s recommendations ensuring your guarantee remains valid.


All our work is guaranteed and carried out by the appropriate service engineer.

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