The Dimplex PGF 10/PGF 20 Opti-V Electric Hole in the wall Fire


The Dimplex PGF 10/20 Opti-V Hole in the Wall Electric Fire is Dimplex’s latest technology in an attempt to provide customers with a true flame picture. The Opti-V encorporates a High definition LCD Screen which shows the flames sparking to give a real life view of a burning fire. The LCD screen is also helped by another screen which gives an illusory effect from logs suspended above an angled glass mirrored panel. With sound effects combining a realistic effect with the audio element you would be hard pushed to say this was not a real fire buring.

The Dimplex Opti-V Electric Hole in the wall fire comes as either the PGF 10 (736mm wide) or the PGF 20 (1356mm) wide. The fire is fully remote controlled but please note that this appliance does not produce any heat. As a showroom exclusive we are pleased to be able to offer this product to our customers and the possibility of viewing it in our showroom. So come along today and take a look at the Opti-V range which is a very popular choice for those who want the realistic look and sound without the drawbacks.


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