Riva 2 670 Electric Hole in Wall Fires


The Riva 2 670 Electric Hole in the Wall fires are a calm and beautiful solution for those that want to relax of an evening and gaze upon a warm looking flame. Unlike most Gazco Hole in the Wall electric fires the riva 2 670 does have a choice of frames. These vary from a chic and glossy Black glass frame to a Simply Stylish graphite or Iridium frame. Amongst the choice of frames can be found the Evoke Glass frame which has layers of Eye catching Glass making the frame as much of a feature as the fire. The White Glass against the dark backdrop is especially eyecatching.

Remote controlled and with an installation depth of 144mm for the engine it simply will fit anywhere. The Gazco Riva 2 670 Hole in wall electric fire really is a beautiful choice and will complete any room.


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