Gazco Riva 600

Riva2 500HL Slimline Features

With proportions thoughtfully designed to fit a standard 22” British fireplace opening and offered with a selection of stunning frames, the Riva2 500 has the potential not only for straight forward installation but a look that can be tailored to your home’s decor.


The Riva2 600 – A Brand New Conventional Flue Gas Fire From Gazco

The Riva2 600 offers magnificent flame visuals, impeccable styling and a truly versatile form-factor. Incorporating our innovative gas fire technology, this stylish addition has been designed to provide your living space with high efficiency heat.

Striking Flame Visuals

Creating a beautifully natural display, this high efficiency gas fire features a stunningly detailed log-effect bed with multiple burners. Tall flames dance across and between the logs, with glowing ember-effects adding to the realism. For complete visual clarity, the Riva2 600 gas fire features specially designed non-reflective glass to minimise unwanted reflections for a stunning display.

Convenient Control

For easy operation, each Riva2 600 gas fire comes complete with a fully-sequential Programmable Thermostatic remote control. Putting the fire’s range of features at the touch of a button, the Riva2 600’s handset lets you ignite the flames and change their height and heat, as well as program your gas fire by time or temperature.

Styling Your Gas Fire to Suit

The Riva2 600 gas fire is designed to be installed as a hole-in-the-wall Edge fire, integrating seamlessly with your interior. For added presence, sophisticated glass and steel framing options let you further customise your fire to create a statement focal point.

Choose Your Backdrop

A variety of lining options lets you transform the Riva2 600 gas fire’s look. Choose from EchoFlameTM Black Glass for a modern lining that enhances the depth of the visuals, or opt for Brick-effect or Ledgestone-effect for a more traditional aesthetic.


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