Gazco Reflex 105T

Introducing the new Gazco Reflex 105 Multi-Sided Gas Fires

Our most impressive and realistic gas fire is now available as a stunning panoramic multi-sided version, with three sided and two sided corner options.


Indistinguishable from a real wood burning fire, Reflex gas fires defy expectation. Now, our most impressive gas fire to date, the 105, is available as a multi-sided balanced flue version —granting panoramic views of the ultra-realistic flame picture.

Featuring our crystal-clear non-reflective glass, Reflex 105 Multi-Sided gas fires provide an uninterrupted view from any angle. The three sided Reflex 105-3 gives you 180° visuals, ensuring that everyone in the room can experience the natural flames and stunningly real log-effect. For rooms better suited to a corner fire, an optional kit allows the Reflex 105 Multi-Sided to be configured in a two sided corner format.

Make Your Fire Your Own

Each Reflex 105 Multi-Sided gas fire allows you to create a bespoke centrepiece in your home, with a range of interior linings to make your fire your own. Designed to enhance the depth of the Reflex’s firebox, the EchoFlame Black Glass lining reflects the flames to enhance the visuals. For a more traditional interior, the red Brick-effect lining adds a warmth to the fire picture whereas the irregular Ledgestone-effect creates a dramatic dancing backdrop when combined with the flicker of the flames and EmberLight up-lighting.

Total Harmony

Reflex 105 Multi-Sided fires combine an array of advanced features to not only create mesmerising visuals but also provide a convenient heat source. Each gas fire’s dual burner system allows the rear burner to be turned off if a little less heat is required, for example during the autumn and springtime. EmberLight LED up-lighting beneath the logs enhances flame picture, but can also be used when the flames are off for ambience without any heat at all  —perfect for the warmer months. All of the features of the Reflex range are at your fingertips thanks to our Harmony10 Control System, which gives you complete convenience.


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