Flamerite Omniglide 900 Electric Hole in the Wall Fire

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The Flamerite Omniglide Hole in the Wall electric Fire is a massive favourite amongst our customers. Unlike with many electric fires the Flamerite Omniglide is able to hide the fan heater so that you are unable to view it. Couple this with a brilliant and vivid flame effect plus the Glass front that tilts back to create a deep luxurious looking fuel bed this Electric hole in the wall fire is one of those must have items.

Available with either Graphite, Alto Silver, Black mirror, Stone or Grey Mirror fronts and encorporating Ios and android app advanced features and a control tablet with all the latest technology to make it compliant with eco design regulations this electric hole in the wall fire looks incredible with a beautiful cinderwood fuel bed, or you can even switch it out for a decadent Glass beads fuel effect creating a refraction of the light emitted. With a warm 2KW output being yet another reason to choose the Omniglide. Whether you want a hole in wall or a wall hung electric fire the Flamerite omniglide 900 is the obvious choice that you wont regret.


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