Elgin and Hall Vitalia Fireplace

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Elgin and hall have been producing second to none Surrounds and Fireplaces for many years. The Elgin and Hall Vitalia Fireplace Surround is a beautiful take of a traditional look fused with the Modern Styling. It encorporates and angled stepped design and with fine detailing is a fantastic addition to any living space. Bring the Wow factor to your room today!

The Elgin and Hall Vitalia Fireplace Surround is available in several different options. You can choose to have the Vitalia as a standard fireplace or add a larger Fire and have this beautiful Fireplace as a whole suite in either Gas or Electric. Choose whether to have a 1” Rebate (Flat to Wall) or a 3” Rebate (allowing depth to the Wall) to maximise your surround in your personal situation.

Why not add downlights to truly bring the fireplace to the forefront of the room and adding a stunning ambience even when not in use!

Available as either a 48” or a 52” Surround and in either Grey Marble, Manilla Marble or White marble. These finishes are all Micro Marble so please check on the suitability with glass fronted fires. The Vitalia Surround is also available in natural Limestone which is perfect for any High efficiency fires. The 52” Surround can also come with a 22” Cutout to suit the Elgin and Hall Chollerton (Widescreen electric or Gas Fire). There is also a choice of the shape of the hearth but please check here as to what options there are.

Model Size Rebates Lights Grey Limestone White Light Marble Gas Electric
Vitalia 48” 1”/3” Yes yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vitalia 52” 1”/3” Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Key Facts – Fireplace – Marble – Limestone – Grey Marble – White Marble – Light coloured Marble – 48” Surround – 52” Surround – Lights – No Lights – Hearths – Gas Suitable – Electric Suitable – Suitable for HE Fires – 1” Rebate – 3” Rebate


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