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Powerflushing – an explanation

Within central heating systems, after prolonged usage there can be a build up of debris and sludge that can cause problems with circulation of water and ultimately blockage. This can lead to the break down of your boiler or other nasty consequences that can be avoided by powerflushing.
Powerflushing is a popular and reliable way to clean and maintain a central heating system. The machine that controls the powerflush passes water through the entire system at high pressure to remove any
obstructions in the pipe work and the resulting water is then disposed of, along with any debris, scale or sludge. A correctly done powerflush can improve the efficiency of heating the home which in turn saves
you money both in fuelling cost and central heating reliability.


Amazing, our heating now works as well as when it was first installed.

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What happens during a powerflush?

During powerflushing, a chemical is circulated within the central heating system at high speed to remove debris, scale and rust. A specialised machine is used to carry out this process.


What are the benefits of having a powerflush?

A huge benefit of powerflushing is the increased reliability of your central heating, the heat is more effectively transferred all over the house and the chance of break down of a boiler is dramatically decreased. With a more efficient system, you could also have sizable energy cost savings which powerflushing when needed can help to maintain. Another advantage of having a clean central heating system is that pipes, radiators and boilers don’t make as much noise.

When do you need a powerflush?

A powerflush is necessary when pipework in a central heating system is not moving the water around correctly due to blockage. When installing a new boiler on existing pipework it is highly advised that a powerflush is performed prior so that any existing contamination is removed when the new boiler is fitted.

If you are experiencing cold spots on your radiators (particularly at the bottom) as well as hot pipes but cold radiators, this is also a sign that there is debris blocking the water from circulating around the central heating system that a powerflush could help to resolve. Another sign is that radiators constantly need to be bled.


Our gas safe engineers carry out powerflushing as non-professionals should never work on central heating systems.

Prices start from £299 inc. VAT. Get in contact with us now or pop into our showroom on Whitstable’s Oxford Street for a quote on a powerflush for your central heating system.

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