What is Powerflushing
and why is it so important?


It has always been of great benefit to maintain clean water in your radiators and boiler but since the introduction of the condensing gas boiler it is now vital.

New condensing gas boilers convert a massive 90% of the heat created by burning natural gas into the water flowing round your radiators and hot water cylinder if the water flowing  through your boiler is contaminated with corrosion and debris it will not transfer the energy from the gas flame to the water, energy efficiency will be reduced drastically until the boiler fails and the appliance needs either to have a replacement heat exchanger or a new gas boiler. Manufacturers will invalidate a guarantee and it will be a costly experience. Keeping the water clean will make the system quieter, more efficient, there will be less maintenance required to your central heating system, pumps, valves and all parts of the system will last longer just to mention some of the advantages.

Powerflushing can be referred to as jet flushing or hard flushing and is a proven way of removing the sludge and debris from your Central Heating system. The Powerflush machine (lets think of it as a dustbin which collects the sludge and debris after all it is the size of a small dustbin) is connected to your central heating and hot water circuit. Water is pumped round the circuit, as the water passes through the power flush dustbin the sludge and debris is deposited. During the powerflush the system radiators are shut off or opened to give different passages for the water to travel. This is a long job and depending on the number of radiators can take a day or more and the price below includes the hire of the powerflush, chemicals and the labour to do it. In central heating systems where the corrosion has been allowed to crystallise the pipe work will need to be traced and replaced. Powerflushing before your central heating system gets to this stage is important.

Once cleaned should you then allow the system to continue corroding (it will because you will have water, air and mild steel radiators) allow the sludge to take hold again with all the disadvantages?

Powerflushing Prices.

Cost for a 5 Radiator Central Heating System

£399 + Vat

Each Radiator after that will be charged at £25 + Vat

Stronger Chemical than standard charged at £30 + Vat

Filter Pod Recommended on all Heating Systems 

With a Powerflush charged at £199 inc Vat

The answer is to fit a filtration system so the corrosive sludge can be drained out  on each annual service. We recommend you to have the Worcester/Magnabooster Magnetic Filtration Device which can easily be cleaned and checked regularly. By having a filter you can prolong the life of a system by up to 5 Years and to show you just how Important a Central heating Filter is, Manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch and Alpha offer an extra years guarantee if this device is installed with their boilers on installation.



You have now maintained your central heating system water maintaining low running costs and minimising service calls.

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